The Billionaire album, "Let's Get A CEO to Run The Show" is finally here.

Have a look and a listen!

The Billionaires

We are the brothers of bullion, the sisters of stock options; the compadres and comadres of cash. For the last 8 years, we tuxedo and evening gown-clad denizons of the richest 0.01% of America’s economic bell curve have been celebrating the president who has been concentrating more and more money into our hungry hands. But now Change is in the air! Will elected officials keep dancing to our tune? On this site, you can enjoy lots of Billionaire tunes, and videos too!

I'm Stickin' It To The Unions

Wisonsin's Governor Walker invents a financial crisis to beat down big labor!


Wealthcare Anthems

Stirring songs of of the Billionaire elite, to be sung at champagne and caviar brunches in the Hamptons.

Stay The Course

Our latest Billionaires album: 15 songs in multiple genres about some of our favorite topics: Domestic Spying, Global Warming, Bombing Iran, The Mortgage Meltdown. Listen to big Billionaire hits like "Don't Vote!" and "Cut and Run?"