A. Organizations

Billionaires for Wealthcare: The B4B crew is now taking on health insurance reform!

Billionaires for Wealthcare on MySpace

Billionaires for Bush: our website from the 2004 campaign which is chock full of fun content.

The Political Power of HipHop
When Wil b. is not in character as Billionaire Super-Rapper 50 Billion, he’s rapping his own evocative political rhymes for these troubled times.

United For A Fair Economy: The Billionaires’ inception was commissioned by this wonderful organization which seeks to raise awareness of the ever-growing disparity between wealthy and poor people in the US.

Sweatshop Watch: Every year, the Billionaires join our friends from Sweatshop Watch for our traditional day of Sweatshop Christmas Caroling in front of stores that sell products made from child sweatshop labor.

Danny Schechter, the News Dissector: We initially created our songs “Predators” and “Plastic Fantastic” for Danny’s film In Debt We Trust, a prescient documentary about the predacious credit industry.

B. Artists: Here are just a few of the greedy, unscrupulous people who helped create our manipulative revenue generating product:

Clifford J. Tasner (aka Felonius Ax). As the Billionaires’ Minister Of Musical Manipulation, he has been writing and producing the Billionaires music since our inception in 2000. He works as an orchestrator for big Hollywood films and a composer for smaller ones. You can hear his orchestral music at www.TasnerTunes.com.

Arlys Alford (aka O. Wasitchurs Nowitsmein) Vocals on “Don’t Vote!” “Yellow Pill” and “Plastic Fantastic” is a vocal & movement explorer with a passion for assisting others in how to find their unique voice.

Wil b. (aka 50 Billion) Emcee on “The Billionaires Are In The House” “Don’t Vote!” “Yellow Pill” and “Predators” is a “steeltown” native from Burgettstown, Pennsylvania (just Southeast of Pittsburgh), steeped in a family tradition of music and social outreach, and Co-founder of The Political Power of Hiphop, a youth-outreach organization developed to deliver messages of social action amongst young people. Wil b has appeared on stages from PA to LA and all stops in between. Besides, yukkin’ it up with his fellow “Billionaires” as their fictional “super-rapper” Fifty Billion (spell it out), Wil b is a member of the soon to be released “B.LA.C.C. Community”, an international Hiphop group that combines emcees from all around the globe on a message of B.roadcasting L.ife A.nd C.onquering C.haos. Problems and solutions…

Angela Carole Brown (aka Nita Getmore) Vocals on “We’re Spying On You” “Money Matrix Messaging Machine” “Clear Channel (We Rule The Air)” and “Hey George, Hey George” is a Los Angeles–based novelist, composer, musician, and award-winning poet, whose work can be heard on the recordings, Resting on the Rock, The Slow Club, and Music for the Weeping Woman, and whose debut novel, TRADING FOURS, was published in 2005. She has also been a yoga practitioner for 17 years, and this year has released a very unique, completely auditory yoga CD, Global Yoga, with her experimental folk group, The Global Folk.

Daniel Glass (aka Buddy I. M. Rich) Drums and Percussion on The Billionaires Are In The House and Stay The Course. Since 1994, Daniel Glass has played drums with the pioneering “retro-swing” group Royal Crown Revue. He has also recorded and performed with Bette Midler, Gene Simmons, Mike Ness, Freddy Cole and many others. Daniel is the author of two books: The Ultimate History of Rock’n'Roll Drumming:
1948-2000, and The RCR Drum Transcription Book. His forthcoming book, The
Commandments of Early Rhythm and Blues Drumming, will be published in 2008
by Alfred Publishing. Daniel’s writings on drum history have appeared in The
Encyclopedia of Percussion, The MusicHound Swing Essential Album Guide, and
countless music and drumming publications.
You can learn more about Daniel’s obsession with classic American music at www.DanielGlass.com.

Tara Sitser (aka Xena Phobe) Voice on “This Billionaire Moment” With a lifetime of professional musical theatre experience Tara has performed in National tours, Dinner theatre, Civic Light Opera, and Regional productions across the country. Her voice can be heard as a narrator and vocalist in audiobooks, musical cast recordings, live stage and radio ranging from the children’s tales (”Rip Van Winkle”, Balance Publishing and “Little World” , Banana Patch Press ) to original musical cast recordings (”Canterville”, “Adventures in PR” and “Billionaires for Bush – The Musical”). Tara performs regularly with her band, John Zipperer & Friends.

John Van Houten (aka Cash Calloway) Tuba and Cimbasso on Here Come The Billionaires, The Billionaires Are In The House and Stay The Course. has performed with a wide variety of music ensembles, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Opera, the Long Beach Opera, the New West Symphony, the American Winds Concert Band, the California Wind Orchestra, the Long Beach Municipal Band and the Joffery Ballet. His performing experience also includes phonograph recordings with such diverse artists as Lyle Lovett, Burt Bacharach, Elvis Costello, Carly Simon and Alice Cooper, in addition to television (shows such as Alias, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, and King of the Hill), records, jingles and a wide variety of motion pictures, such as Mission Impossible 1 and 3, Crimson Tide, The Thin Red Line, Men in Black, X-Men, Pearl Harbor, Swordfish, Legally Blonde, Planet of the Apes, Piglet’s Big Movie, The Hulk, Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 and 3, Spiderman 2 and 3, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Speed Racer.