Pious Folks Are Plentiful
Vocals: Jaye Pierpont Poopypants, Ivanna Haverdahl (Berit Jordahl), X. S. Profette and Gene M. Bezzler (Glenn Carlos)
Fiddle: Itzhak Oilman (Tom Voss)
Banjo and mandolin: B. B. King Hussein (Phil Gough)
Guitar: Buddy Bechtel Guy (Will Gerstein)
Bass: Warren Proffet (Ross Wright)
Band recorded by: N. Ron Hubbard (Eric Potter)
Vocals recorded and track mixed by: Georgie O'Marauder (Paul Berolzheimer)
Produced by: Felonius Ax (Clifford J. Tasner)
Conceived and edited by Grasping Greed III (aka Steven Komen)